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(Search Engine Optimizer) Improve your website so that when queried search engines like google, bing, yahoo it shall automatically displayed.


SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

Optimezation Search Engine (SEO), which in English means improvement in the search engines.


That is a separate process within the site but also outside of it, so make it possible to better rankings in search engines like google, yahoo, msn, bing etc ....


The main purpose and the successful delivery of an SEO is that your page appears at the top of the SERP

(Search Engine Results Page) or at least in 10 countries, has a lot of competition,

because according to statistics, 80% of users read only 10 results of the performances of research, that only the first, and only 20% goes to 20 and 30 or more outputs, ie on the 2nd or 16th.


Albania web Solutions enables you optimize your site in order to be as easy to

find in its search engine






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