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Program the most different programs for the needs of your business, such as hotels, Bar'eve, restaurants etc .. Here comes together official website as a database for management of your online business to remote distances, as well as various applications for social networks.


We program with different programs from for your business needs, as they can:



Programming Department

POS Distributed Programming

Programming Restaurants

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Programming

Programming Bar / Restaurant

Programming Budget Institutions


SuperMarket program contains all the functionality of Standard balance as well as a separate module POS (Point Of Sale) which is optimal for:

Markets / supermarkets

Point wholesale and retail sale

any activity seller of a large number of products (spare parts, tapes, electrical equipment, electronics, stationery etc.)


Balance supermarket is a complete product which monitors the daily activities of a supermarket as:

print invoice given to the customer,

Prints in Fiscal Kase

liquidation sellers,

recording and analyzing of supplies,

inventory tracking,

It suggests items to be acquired

It helps in filling the shelves with items that are missing in them because they are sold

supports client card (optional module)

It works with scales with barcodes

It generates barcodes for items that do not have one

processing of statistics relating to sales made,

performance analysis for business graphics


Using such a system also comes to help you because:

Manager saves time and avoids potential human errors during liquidation dealerships.

Reduces the time needed for processing sales

It enables efficient management of human resources (staff

Facilitate decision making with regard to pricing (based on the statistics offered by the system)

It provides data on company balance

It enhances the quality of service


POS Distributed Programming System for central management, through the internet, shared points of sale. The uniqueness of this system is that at any point of sale work continues even if points:

links to the center.

no respect to the center

It has little to do with the center.


"Program Pharmacy" is a computer program that performs management for HII and financial accounting that a pharmacy.

Exporting purchases and sales program HII. It is as if they have worked with the program HII).

It contains several functionality and facilities in working environment and management that are not HII program.

List of patients automatically updated when changed from HII.

They are registered in the program all data HII as drugs with their sales prices, Pharmaceutical Warehouses and practitioners ..

Registration allows young doctors who are not on the list of HII.

Announces the duration of medication.

VAT 10%.

plus 30 other functionalities work by a pharmacy


"Pharmaceutical Warehouse Program" is a computer program that performs the complete management of a Warehouse

Pharmaceutical for HII and financial and accounting. Some of the specific functionality for stores are:

Expiration date and set records for each item during the sales and purchase

Export sales and purchases of reimbursable items in the program of HII.

See inventory by date expiry

Identify items that are near expiry.

Prints invoice sale / purchase with expiration dates and series

We automatically suggested sale and expiry date of the series based on the remaining quantity of goods.

Supports VAT: 0, 10 and 20%



Program Bar / Restaurant management of bar-restaurant which monitors the daily activities of your business. He realizes the management of customer orders as well as printing the invoice given to the customer.

Main functionalities of Balance Bar / Restaurant:

Tracking inventory items.

Keeping open the table that is generally applied in restaurants.

Setting the tables on the screen as desired.

Printing of invoice (with thermal printer or tractor)

The closure of the daily turnover of the waitresses

Statistics on sales by items, the margin situation of magazines, etc. Statement of cash.


Management advantages of Balance Bar / Restaurant:

Use of time series data for business decisions based on accurate information and not assumption.

Dignified presentation of your business through equipment and invoices attractive, beautiful and certainly functional.

Kept 100% of the data on the server. Data does not lose in any case.

Drastic reduction of the costs for paper.

Discounts up to eliminate theft by staff.

The program is in Albanian language and is quite simple to use.

6 hours of free training for staff.

Varied options for managing automated Bar & Restaurant and computer use for music and other services.

Technology and equipment used by TPKSolutions are the best on the market.

Free program updates with new versions.

Ongoing maintenance program.



"Budget Institutions Program" is a computer program that performs accounting and financial management of a budgetary institution. This program features:

1. All the functionality of the balance Standard

2. specific accounting Lllogarite Budget Institutions

3. Specific reports of budget institutions: • Financial Statements Balance

• Format income statement 1

• income statement - Investment




optional modules

The module serial numbers - By this module you can easily see when and to whom you sell an item with a specific serial number. Essential solution for businesses that sell items with serial numbers and provide guarantees for them. (Not to balance Express)

Excise Module provides:

Configuration items with excise

Excise registration value per unit for each item

Excise registration value for each item in the bill of sale

Official generating respective formats

Module for printing barcodes - Realizes print barcodes to items that do not have barcodes stamped on fabrika.Ju can generate barcodes using an ordinary printer A4 (see figure below).







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